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Cedar Decks

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When you build any type of wooden structure that is going to sit outdoors as is the case for decks moisture is going to be something that you are always going to have to keep in mind. The last thing that you want is to have these decks sort of crumble because of the excessive amount of moisture that they could end up absorbing. Cedar decks tend to do very well against moisture. Plus, they do so without the need for a lot of add-ons like stain or anything like that. This makes them a very viable option for a lot of folks.

No Stain Myth Or Reality

There is an idea going around that cedar decks are a better option because they don’t need to be stained constantly or anything like that. We want to address the situation. It is true that these decks can go without stain for a long time. Yet, if you don’t provide the right type of care it is only natural that the color and texture of the surface will start to deteriorate and fade. So, yes it is true that you can go without stain. Yet, if you really want to have the area well kept you may want to look into repainting and stain anyway.

Too Pricy?

Another one of the issues that people have with this type of deck is the price tag. Is this type of wood going to be more expensive than composite wood? No, that is probably not going to be the case. It all depends though on what you are trying to get out of the project and that is something that we want to make sure people realize. It could be more pricy, but overall it is one of the more durable types of wood out there. So you may be able to find a good cost to benefit balance.

Holds Up Well In All Sorts Of Climate

The weather factor is something that we have rarely talked about in the entire site, to be honest. If you really think about it though it could really suit you well to have a deck that is going to be able to hold up with the variety of climate changes that we get around here. It is not like the sun is going to be hitting the deck all year round. There are going to be months where you are going to have to deal with the cold. This type of deck can hold its own there.

People Like The Smell

Some of you are probably going to think that this is really weird and that it may even be something that you don’t particularly care about. For other people, there is just something about walking on to your fully wooden deck and having it really smell like you are in nature and you have a product that is going to reflect that. Again, if this is something that is important to you then you should probably take a longer look at these decks.


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