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Composite Decks

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The issue that we tend to have with composite decks is that we can’t put them all as part of the same group. That is a problem that we have with customers that have been sold or seen “composite” decks that almost looked like they were made from cheap plastic. The composite decks that we make are primarily made from wood fiber. Of course, there are different elements that are going to be going into the mix. Our goal though is for the final product to look as natural as possible and not look like you have a plastic deck. Which is something that unfortunately we have seen happen!

Not Real Wood

At this point in time the type of composite decks that we are able to build really do look like the real deal. The thing is the material is basically wood mixed with many other types of components. So we could say that it is wood, just maybe not all the way. If you are someone who is really looking to get that look and feel of natural wood, then this may not be the best option for you. If you are looking more for durability then you may want to take a close look at these types of decks.

This Is Not A Low-Cost Option

A lot of people tend to be surprised when they are comparing prices and they see that building this type of deck is not exactly something that we could call inexpensive. Since all of this wood is modified to enhance certain features it is usually going to last more. There is no shame in saying though that you are going to be paying for those alterations to the wood in the final price tag. That is just a fact of life this is not a low-cost option.

Never Seal or Paint?

This is something that we talked about with cedar decks as well. If we really get down to it the deck does not need to be sealed or painted at all. That does not mean that you can’t seal or paint it if you see its color starting to fade. Here is the problem though you are going to want a real expert on the job if you are going to apply any type of coating on this type of deck. The last thing that you are going to want is to ruin the deck while you were trying to restore it.

In It For The Long Term

If you are one of those people for whom the actual way the area looks is kind of secondary, but what you want is to be able to use the area year-round this may just be the deck for you! We are not going to lie it is going to be a long term investment. At the end of the day though we are talking about the most durable type of deck that is going to require the lowest level of care.


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