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Deck Repair

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Our deck repair services are meant to be very comprehensive in that, repairs are always going to be unique. We are always going to want to make sure that we repair the area with the right type of wood and other materials so that repaired areas don’t stand out. Also, this service also contemplates other maintenance efforts such as repainting or staining the deck. So, your deck does not necessarily have to be totally falling apart for you to go ahead and give us a call. We could go without saying this, but we can repair decks that we did not originally build in the first place!

What Is The Issue?

As we just mentioned repairs can be extensive or even just taken as basically precautionary measures. It really depends on the situation. So, what we want to make sure people really understand is that it would be a good idea on your part to give us a call when you start seeing certain small problems surface. If you have cracks or wood that is kind of losing its original flair the best thing that you can do is attack the problem as quickly as possible. We can help you address the situation and find a suitable solution.

Regular Maintenance

Most of the important issues that end up showing up on most decks are due to an overall lack of maintenance. The thing is, we know it is hard to at times keep track of all of the different maintenance needs that each area within your home is going to require. So, we don’t think it would be very practical on our part to recommend monthly maintenance check-ups or anything like that. If you would allow us though, to have a look at your deck every year or so we would probably be able to spot most issues before they turn into a major problem.

Major Renovation

If you are sitting outside and you are taking a look at your deck and you feel that you would like to redo the area this is something that we can certainly get involved in. This goes a little back to when we asked what you liked and what you didn’t like. A lot of clients sort of take advantage of the fact that the area already needs repairs to go ahead and make some new innovations. Our repairs don’t just involve repainting or replacing a couple of wooden planks.

Deck Railing Repairs

Deck railing repairs are something that we speak of with a little extra care because we do believe that this area is a bit more delicate than the rest of the deck. We would rather repair a railing that is just getting a little lose then let it go and have it become a potential risk for people who walk on the deck. Plus, we can repair the railings while also adding a new sense of style. So again, taking advantage of repairs to give the area a new look.


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