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Pool and Spa Decks

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These types of decks are going to be unique because they either lead to or actually include a jacuzzi or a pool. In the case of jacuzzi, we are able to adapt the deck to the size of jacuzzi that you are going to want to install. Also, we are going to be using wood that we know won’t have much of a problem dealing with the excessive amount of water that is obviously normal around jacuzzis and pools. In this case, though it is really important to make sure that we make everything to perfect scale in order to include all of the different needs that you may have. Such as a water heating system for example.

Adapt The Deck To The Pool Or Jacuzzi

This is something that we have talked about before. We strongly believe that it is a lot better to adapt the deck to the pool or jacuzzi that you are going to have installed. If you call us to work on a project before you have everything installed the best thing that you could do is already have decided what size jacuzzi or pool you are looking to install. That way we have all of the measurables that we need to make sure we have enough room for everything.

What Type Of Wood Is Going To Be Used?

Basically, everyone knows that wood is not great friends with water. How is then that we can suggest building a wooden structure around an area filled with water? That is because we are either going to be using composite materials that mimic the look of wood, but aren’t actually wood. Or maybe even cedar which is known to deal with water a lot better than other types of materials. It really depends on what you are looking to spend actually!

Adapt The Entire Area

Our decks are not just going to be able to enclose a pool or a jacuzzi. If you are going to be investing in this type of finish chances are you are going to want your whole pool area to have that look that wood can provide. That is why a lot of people have actually wanted us to extend our coverage so to speak. In that, we have ended up being able to apply wooden flooring to large areas that include the pool heating system area and even a sunbathing portion. What we are trying to say is that there aren’t strict limitations to what we are able to do.

How To Clean

Is cleaning water with water a good idea? To be honest our main challenge with these types of decks is to make sure that the excessive amount of moisture that surrounds them is not a problem. You should be able to clean the area the same way that you would clean wooden floors indoors. If you are keen on having the area pressure washed that should not be a problem either!


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