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Timber Decks

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When you are building a deck you really should explore the options that are out there for you. Even within timber decks, there are many different options to chose from. These decks are meant to be durable and provide a unique look for your deck area. We can’t deny the fact though that it can get a bit overwhelming to pick the perfect type of deck that you want to build when you are faced with so many options. That is why we want to go over some of the benefits that you can get with these types of decks that basically go beyond just having a good looking deck.

That Natural Look & Feel

Timber decks are the ones that are meant to really bring a natural look to the area. As a lot of people like to say you really can’t beat a classic. In these types of decks, you know that you are going to be getting the real deal, natural wood that is going to be durable and is going to give you that look that you were going for. If you are one of those people that has a very classic idea of what a deck should look like this is the type of wood that you should be using.

Too High Maintenance? 

There is a narrative that extends to many industries that basically warns people to stay away from wood and go with less natural products because wood is very high maintenance. We want to clear some things up. The timber that we are going to be using is not exactly freshly cut. It is actually treated to make sure that it can be used for these types of projects. So, it is not that you are doomed with a surface that you are going to have to replace every other week or anything close to that!

What If We Told You That These Decks Were One Of The Most Affordable?

For some reason, people tend to feel that these types of decks will cost a lot of money. So instead of going for the more natural option, they tend to feel drawn towards composite decks with the false idea that these are going to be less expensive. The thing is, with these types of decks there is less of a process involved to actually get the finished product that we are going to be applying to your deck. If you are looking for an affordable option this could be a great place to start!

Should I Paint Or Stain The Deck? 

There is always a dilemma involved with these types of decks. A lot of people are going to say that the natural look is better so you really should not paint or stain the deck in any way shape or form. That is not necessarily the case. If you have an idea in mind and you have a specific color that you are looking forward to having applied to the area go ahead!


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